Customer Forum

Support Northamptonshire aims to be customer-led. The Customer Forum was established during 2012/13 and aims to:

  • Involve existing and new customers in helping to design services and service delivery
  • Work across all customer groups to ensure we develop the services that are accessible for all
  • Ensure that all Support Northamptonshire services are defined by and 'tested' by the Customer Forum
  • Support the development of innovative and new services
  • Report on the outcomes of the work of the Customer Forum to Support Northamptonshire members so that all services become customer focussed

Customers speak about their experience of being supported by Support Northamptonshire. Customers demonstrate how our collaborative, multiagency and co-production approach works and how they are wanting to support other people in need. Thank you to all those who took part in the video we are grateful that you can share your experience with everyone.