CATCH (Community Action Team Can Help)

Our partner CATCH Team helps us draw up support plans for people with medium or higher level needs.

As the team's name implies, the idea is to catch your problems early and prevent the need for more intensive care and health services further down the line.

We take a multi-agency approach so that you don't need to go to several different organisations for help.

The team carries out a single assessment of your needs and agrees with you a support plan for a set period of time. We are always customer-focused, concentrating on achieving the outcomes you need.

As part of your support package, we can arrange also practical support provided by community-based groups.

Our CATCH team consists of:


Support Northamptonshire   Pratima Dattani
Vanessa Fry
Community Law Service   Jackie Attfield
Daylight Centre   Sarah Lee
Delos   Linzi Payge
Kelly Bishop
Homestart   Janet Saunders
Mayday Trust   Peter Chapman
MIND   Kate Beckingham
Sofa Wise   Ginny Marks
Good Neighbour Project   Nikki Glazebrook
Teamwork   Manjula Mistry
Wellingborough and East Northants Women's Aid   Hamida Dosa
Wellingborough Family Hostels   Maxine Green
Wellingborough Homes   Maureen Baker
Wellingborough Homes Supported Living   Angie Grimes



Call 01933 449377 to contact us for more information.