‘OnePathway’ – helping organisations to embrace digital transformation and to collaborate.

Support Northamptonshire has led on digital transformation. Working with our IT partner Ulysses (UDMS Ltd) we have developed OnePathway, a unique cutting edge platform to support organisations deliver faster, better outcomes for people and especially for collaborating organisations.

This unique system includes person-centred common assessment, support planning and outcomes frameworks and impact assessments co-designed with customers.

OnePathway assesses levels of need, records case type, professional time and average cost per case, and maps outcomes based on distance travelled, measured on a 6 point scale and across an outcomes framework customised to organisational requirements. OnePathway includes a reporting suite to enable organisations to track KPIs and assess the impact of their services.

OnePathway enables organisations to demonstrate the costs and benefits of their service model, helps meet needs of commissioners and supports the continuous improvement of services.

  • Mental Health Northants Collaboration (MHNC)

We are working with MHNC to deliver a common system for their collaborating member organisations. The OnePathway project will be managed to facilitate learning and enable digital transformation for these organisations.

  • Single Point of Access and Community Action Team

This 4-year project demonstrated the unique ability of OnePathway to enable collaborating organisations to become more effective and efficient. This provided the evidence base for the effectiveness of OnePathway as part of an independent evaluation – See Impact and Evidence Section.

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