Support Northamptonshire is a champion for Digital Inclusion and Digital Transformation in the third sector.

SN develops digital capacity for other organisations and digital capability within their own organisation.


The OnePathway Case Management System supports organisations to deliver their services more efficiently whilst capturing and reporting crucial impact information.


Connectivity to the internet is a big barrier to accessing servicese. We provide 1-1 support, classes and tablets for vulnerable people to use their devices to access the service they need.


Support Northamptonshire is dedicated to upskilling our staff and volunteers to give them the best digital tools for managing projects, supporting people and improving wellbeing.

Bridging the Digital Divide Event – 23rd November 2022

‘Bridging the Digital Divide’ demonstrates 3 very different ways that organisations have used digital technology to address an identified issue and the resulting impact and positive outcomes for people.

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The SN Digital Journey

2013 - 2017 Single Point of Access - Supporting You

Support workers across a collaboration of 10 voluntary sector partners used the bespoke platform ‘Supporting You’ to record confidential client records and support details, it enabled fast and collaborative working, it was designed so that people would ‘tell their story once’.

XXX people received direct support as a result of this work:

  • Housing
  • Mental Health
  • Crisis
  • Building Resilience
  • Support Networks

2020 - Present Asha Deep & Community Champions

Asha-Deep was set up as a direct result of Covid19 to support Asian communities across Northamptonshire given the disproportionate impact of Covid19 on Black communities. The aim of Asha-Deep is to promote wellbeing, support with meals and food provisions and to connect people at a time when there is a high level of isolation and loneliness especially amongst the most vulnerable.

Asha-Deep has held online Zoom wellbeing sessions which have become extremely popular and attracting many people across the county. The high-quality of these sessions delivered by the Community Champions team has encouraged people to learn how to get online and use Zoom. The team have also supported individuals that are most vulnerable and isolating by supplying them with tablets and showing them how to access these activities online.

As of July 2022, 487 Social, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing sessions have been held online. These sessions have shown to reduce feelings of loneliness for those isolating and improve overall wellbeing for participants.

The Community Champions use Facebook and WhatsApp to target their communications with Black Communities. These have proven to be effective way to reach Black Communities.

The Community Champions have provided tablets to the most vulnerable in the community to help them access these online sessions and use for support in other areas. So far, they have supported 8 individuals and families with tablets. These have primarily been used by Asian older people to access the wellbeing sessions and African/African-Caribbean families to use it for access educational tools and other services online.

2021 - Present Northamptonshire Black Communities Together (NBCT) UKCF Project

The UKCF project promoted and supported development of capacity and capability in Black organisations. 4 workshops were held, one of which promoted use of digital tools and technology to improve outcomes for their service users and projects. Digital needs were also assessed from this. (obtain outcomes from Deepa & Pratima: 26th March events, April focus groups & July focus group)

2022 - 2023 Digital Inclusion Project

During September 2022 to November 2022 SN will hold 3 in-person workshops, targeted mainly at Asian older people, to support them to access services online and use their smart devices effectively.

These workshops are co-produced with service users being tailored around needs that they have expressed in using their phones, tablets and laptops. These workshops will be delivered in culturally appropriate and friendly language. The support materials will be created in an accessible format that the participants can take away from the workshops to aid them at home.

Topics that will be covered during the workshops include:

  • tablets, laptops and smartphones – how to increase accessibility
  • surfing the web to shop online & using price comparison website
  • accessing GPs, prescriptions and NHS online
  • using Zoom to its best capacity
  • using WhatsApp effectively to connect with people

The project will also provide 1-to-1 support for people who want specific help with using their devices or those who cannot attend the face-to-face workshops.

The community champions have supported over 30 wellbeing session participants to access the wellbeing sessions and use zoom with confidence. They have also, on a one-to-one basis supported people to use their smartphones to learn how to access WhatsApp and its features; registering COVID results and online appointments; and accessing YouTube.

2021 - Present OnePathway IT Platform

OnePathway was developed from the SPA ‘Supporting You’ platform.

This platform is co-produced with service users and service workers to deliver better outcomes for people that you support and bring digital transformation to the third sector.

It enables collaboration between organisations around cases so service users only ‘Tell their Story Once’.