Our Approach

  • We are collaborators and work in partnership with communities and organisations.
  • SN aims to put communities in the lead of social action and at the heart of change.
  • We co-design and work in partnership with local people and communities and take a community development approach to building strong, resilient communities, improving people’s wellbeing and building strong organisations.

Our Aims

  • To enable local people to take social action that enhances the well-being of communities and builds strong, resilient communities.
  • To support and develop strong and resilient organisations that can adapt to and meet local community needs.
  • To lead on digital transformation that enables organisations to collaborate and meet outcomes for communities and vulnerable people.

Our Mission

  • Build resilience in the community
  • To lead social action
  • To develop products and services that transform service delivery
  • Support organisational development

Our Objectives

  • To grow and respond locally to provide holistic and prevention services
  • Assess, analyse and respond to needs people and communities now and in the future
  • Develop co-produced and collaborative service models to maximise effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop our reputation for excellence in strategic planning and operational implementation.
  • Be a trusted partner with communities, members, commissioners
  • Be an advocate for vulnerable people and communities