Our Purpose

  • Building sustained, long-term resilience for people and communities.

Our Aims

  • Provide support for vulnerable people, enable asset-based community-led social action and support organisations to collaborate.

Our Objectives

  • Provide one to one person centred, strength and outcomes focussed support for vulnerable people.
  • Enable local people and communities to take social action that enhances wellbeing of communities and builds strong and resilient communities.
  • Support and develop strong and resilient organisations that can adapt to and meet community needs.
  • Lead on digital transformation that enables organisations to collaborate and meet outcomes for communities and vulnerable people.
  • Host and co-ordinate the work of Northamptonshire Black Communities Together (NBCT) bringing together Black Community Organisations,
  • NBCT is a collaboration of over 25 black organisations brought together as a direct result of the disproportionate impact of Covid on black communities Back Lives Matter to overcome health and other inequalities.

Our Strategy