We enable organisational transformation and have direct experience of developing and managing new evidence-based service models that deliver better, quicker and more cost-effective outcomes. We have experience of:

Capacity Building and Collaboration

We have expertise in building the capacity of organisations and enabling effective collaborative working across all sectors to achieve the best outcomes for people supported.

Theory of change

We enable people to develop their theory of change and adapt to new ways of working.


We have experience of implementing co-production approaches having had initial training from the New Economics Foundation (NEF). Service users are now part of our Management Board and have been involved in quality assuring systems and outcomes achieved.

Demonstrating Impact

We have expertise in measuring impact, working with service users and undertaking business and management analysis and financial modelling.

Business Planning and Financial Modelling

We can work with organisations to develop robust business plans and financial models based on best value and effective resource management. We specialise in managing performance and contract management including presenting data and analysis of work undertaken.

Volunteer Management

At a time when we are relying on volunteers to take social action to meet community need, we have developed a Volunteer Management Tool Kit tried and tested over 4 years to recruit, train and retain volunteers.

Collaborative Bidding

We work with organisations to build joint funding bids and deliver services in collaboration.

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