We have expertise in community-based research, impact assessing services, co-production with service users, developing evidence-based practice and evaluating projects.

Between 2013-2015 we commissioned community-based research for priority wards in Wellingborough.

Links to reports:

Hemmingwell 2013
Queensway 2014
Croyland 2014
Compliation 3 Wards 2014

In 2016 we completed a 3 year Impact Report of our Multiagency Service using our collaborative IT platform, ‘Supporting You’

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National Mind profiled the work of Support Northamptonshire

Link to report

Support Northamptonshire aims to develop evidence-based practice and evaluates projects and programmes.

  • Supporting Wellingborough – CLES Independent Evaluation Report 2015
  • Developing Local Communities 2015 – Partnership Programme

CLES Executive Summary 2016

Developing Local Communities 2014

The Support Northamptonshire Customer Forum engaged with us to develop a locality multiagency service.

‘OnePathway’ – Case Studies

The service model has been designed by multiagency customers and their stories describe the difference this has made to them. It is one of our primary sources of evidencing impact.

A family presented at a high statutory level, 11 hours work by three partners, 6 key outcomes achieved, distance travelled score across all outcomes improved by average 3 points.

‘I am no longer under the threat of eviction.. I have control over what I can do and …I feel safe and secure for my son who is a joint tenant, as he is in a safe environment … I feel his mental health will be improved’

Young adult with learning disabilities presented at level 3, 9 hours work co-ordinated by SN, 3 outcomes achieved, distance travelled score improved on average by 3 points.

‘Thank you I just wanted somewhere to live and have my own things’

Young mother presented at, level 3, 2 hours work by 2 partner agencies, one key outcome, distance travelled from 1-4.

‘I am pleased I went to talk with (name of active listening worker). I now feel able to talk to my family and gave me the confidence to talk to my GP who totally understood why I felt the way I did. I am looking forward to going to work as a Nursery Nurse’

30 year old man presented at, level 2 expressing isolation and low mood, 7 hours work, 5 outcomes achieved, distance travel score improved by average 2 points.

‘Am starting to go out and be busy and want to help others’